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Truck wreck cases require special knowledge or the evidence in your case will be compromised. Big Rigs have “black boxes” in them that contain valuable evidence. This data must be captured quickly or the evidence will disappear. These black boxes contain valuable clues to the driver’s speed habits, braking habits and other driving issues.

SATELLITE INFORMATION: Many big rigs have satellite communication systems that tell the company where the truck is located at any particular time. These records will be destroyed in the normal course of business if the company is not put on notice to save this valuable information. This information is important because it must be compared against the drivers log books for accuracy.

ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION: We will probably send an accident reconstruction expert to the wreck scene. This must occur very soon after the wreck so as to preserved evidence such as skid marks, gouge marks in the pavement and other valuable clues that will disappear over time.

BEWARE OF INSURANCE CALLING: Insurance companies have been known to “lull” persons into a sense of security that they will “take care of you” all the while allowing this valuable evidence to disappear. They will call you “just to check on you” all the time gathering information they will use against you.

CELL PHONE RECORDS: It is illegal for a truck driver to speak on a phone, text or email while driving. Cell phone records can be discovered is there is a timely request from us to the driver’s cellular phone carrier. However, if a timely request is not made, the information will be destroyed.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Big rig companies are required by federal law to maintain at least $750,000.00 in liability insurance. Many of them carry much more insurance. They will never tell you the amount of their coverage without the assistance of an attorney.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Once the insurance company discovers your identity they will immediately begin to find out everything they can about you using Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram and other popular sites. DO NOT post about your case on these sites.

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Do You Have A Case?

The initial analysis of your case starts with the information you provide us and the official police report.  If you do not have the police report, we can get it for you.  We can only give you specific advice once we have conducted a full investigation into the facts of your case.

The answer depends on the facts of your case and the law of the state where you were hurt.  Generally, semi-trucks are subject to the same rules of the road as cars, but they also have special federal regulations that limit driving times, driving hours, speed and other driving circumstances.  Even if you got a ticket as a result of the wreck, you still may have a case.