How Much Will a Lawyer Cost Me After a Truck Accident?

Those injured by negligent truck drivers must assert their legal rights and counter the actions the opposing side will take to limit those rights. When you’re involved in a truck accident, you’re immediately up against some pretty hefty legal forces. The carrier company and their insurer will both immediately assemble their attorneys in an attempt to cover the damage and remove any liability to the extent possible. 

In short, you need a Little Rock truck accident lawyer after you’ve been in a wreck with an eighteen-wheeler or other big commercial truck. Your attorney can help you prepare a strong injury claim demonstrating liability and help you get ready for any defense or counter-allegations that could be coming your way.

But how much does a lawyer cost? Initially, not a penny! Most truck accident lawyers in Little Rock are willing to work through what’s called a contingency agreement. This agreement means you pay nothing upfront. You only owe your attorney if or when you successfully obtain compensation.

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How Does a Contingency Agreement Work?

Personal injury law is different from most other forms of legal practice because injuries can affect anybody. However, not everyone who’s hurt can afford an attorney. If a victim tries to face the trucking company’s insurers without legal representation, they may have their claim severely reduced or denied altogether.

Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer in Little Rock gives you the knowledge, resources, and legal strength to negotiate with insurers on an even playing field. Plus, if no agreement can be made, you and your attorney can argue your case in court.

Most injury attorneys are willing to accept payment only if they can successfully recover money for their client. Because their payment is “contingent” on – meaning dependent upon – a successful outcome, the agreement is often known as a contingency agreement.

Under a contingency agreement, an attorney can agree to represent you and take on your case while charging you nothing upfront. If they cannot obtain a settlement or win you a favorable verdict, they get nothing. This arrangement places nearly all of the risk on the legal team while giving individuals who are financially disadvantaged the ability to hire a lawyer immediately.

How Much Do I Owe My Attorney If We Have a Contingency Agreement and They Win My Case?

Every law firm is different, but many will take a percentage of the final award or settlement value as their legal fee. This may or may not include certain legal fees and other obligations. 

When you hire a lawyer, make sure the terms are crystal-clear. They may be willing to forego certain expenses in exchange for a set percentage of the final award before deductions. They may also be willing to switch to a “lump sum” arrangement to pay for their services, but they may require some of this payment upfront.

While having an attorney take a portion of your award may sound too generous, the reality is that without an attorney your chances of obtaining complete compensation are reduced. Using legal strategies, evidence, and a familiarity with how insurers work, your attorney can help you argue for a larger settlement than you would likely receive on your own.

Besides, this arrangement strongly motivates your lawyer to seek out every penny possible. It means your attorney will do everything they can to maximize your chances of winning – otherwise, they don’t get paid!

You Don’t Have to Be Rich or Risk Your Life Savings to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Little Rock!

With contingency agreements and other options available, Little Rock injury lawyers make it affordable for you to secure legal representation after your truck accident.

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