How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me?

We all know the story of David and Goliath. When you are involved in a truck accident, you are up against powerful corporations and insurance companies that will spare no expense in either defeating or minimizing your claim. They may resort to bullying you if you do not have an experienced Little Rock truck accident lawyer on your side. Little Rock Trial Lawyers are willing to take on corporate America on your behalf. Little Rock Trial Lawyers knows the tricks they play against you. And we have the resources and experience to fight for your maximum compensation.

Those who are lucky enough to survive an accident with an 18-wheeler are likely to have serious injuries, not to mention catastrophic damage to their automobile. Often, serious injuries do not manifest themselves for days or even weeks after the accident.

That is where an experienced Little Rock truck accident lawyer comes in. At Hall Taylor Law Partners, our lawyers concentrate on personal injury cases. Because of our excellent client experience, we are regularly voted as some of the best lawyers in Arkansas and the United States. We won’t charge you unless and until you win your case, and we will always act aggressively to seek the compensation you deserve.

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How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Prove Negligence Caused My Truck Accident?

Little Rock Trial Lawyers knows the law that applies to truckers. What the average person calls “fault” is referred to as “negligence” in most truck accident cases. However, there are many special laws and rules that apply to truckers and the trucks they drive. If you are able to prove that the driver who hit you or their employer was negligent in some way, then they are legally obligated to pay for the costs of your accident damages.

To help you build a strong claim, Little Rock Trial Lawyers will look for an action, failure to take action or other behavior that qualifies as a breach in the duty of care. Common examples of negligence that can lead to a truck accident include:

Why Would I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?       

Accidents involving trucks are rarely anything but serious, usually involving a totaled vehicle and some bad injuries, at the very least. You need assistance in both knowing and maximizing what kinds of damages to which you are entitled.

Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind. They have their own wallets in mind. They want to pay out the least compensation possible. An Arkansas truck accident lawyer can help decide the proper legal recourse and if going to trial is necessary.

More than likely, the trucking company or its insurance company dispatched someone to the accident scene to collect information and take photographs often before the carnage from the accident is removed from the roadways. They already have the upper hand in your case. An Arkansas truck accident lawyer will help you to level the playing field.

Critical evidence begins to disappear the moment the accident occurred. Many trucks are equipped with “black boxes”, dash cameras and even collision avoidance technology that will be vital to your case. Skid marks, destroyed guard rails, and other evidence from the scene will be lost if not secured in a timely manner. Little Rock Trial Lawyers will hire experts on your behalf to secure and analyze this data to help prove your case.

Documenting your injuries and other damages is vital to the success of your case. This includes collection of medical records, ambulance reports, police reports, witness statements, tax returns and other evidence of permanent injuries. You will need assistance to gather this information in a form and manner that accurately reflects and maximizes your claim.

A driver in a car who is struck by a tractor-trailer can suffer injuries that will require medical care or missed work, putting you in a poor financial state at the worst possible time. The results of a truck accident can include:

A truck accident attorney in Little Rock will have the legal resources most people lack, and they can perform a full investigation after the accident. In cases where long-term medical care or therapy will be necessary, An Arkansas truck accident lawyer will assess every penny you spend to see if it is covered and build a strong case demonstrating that the other party is liable.

The All-American Trucker: Hard Workers with Corporate Weight Behind Them

Big rigs hauling freight are the lifeblood of the United States. The 18-wheelers rolling down our country’s highways allows Arkansas natives to have fresh seafood from Maine or wine from California. Over 70% of all freight in the U.S. is shipped via truck, accounting for $671 billion in manufactured goods alone. Not all truckers and trucking companies are bad. 

Unfortunately, along with that comes the potential for accidents. Every year, over 415,000 police-reported truck accidents happen resulting in over 4,100 deaths. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Arkansas saw 684 deaths involving trucks, accounting for 12.2% of all automobile fatalities. The Natural State ranks seventh in the nation for these accidents and fatalities. Furthermore, nearly 60% of all truck-related accidents occur on rural roads.

Companies that use or supply freight haulers recognize the dangers. That’s why trucking is one of the most heavily regulated forms of transportation, with a plethora of federal, state, and local laws truckers must follow. For example, drivers can only spend 60 hours a week for 11 hours a day total and must rest for at least 10 hours between shifts. 

Despite these protections, many big rigs are involved in accidents every year because of their negligence or their employer’s. When the average person gets tangled up with a big truck on an Arkansas road, they are likely to have significant damages.

Yet, the corporations that hire the truck driver will do everything they can to fight your truck accident claim. That is why so many collision injury victims need a truck accident injury lawyer to help them determine whether negligence caused their accident, what damages are involved, and what legal arguments strongly and clearly demonstrate who is liable for your injury losses.

If a Truck Accident Happens to You in Arkansas, Call Us. We Can Help. 

Hopefully, you’ll never be involved in an accident that involves an 18-wheeler. However, if it happens, you need an experienced Little Rock truck accident lawyer with a solid reputation.

Our lawyers, Randy Hall and Mattie Taylor, have the resources, experience, and drive to help you get the compensation you need. If insurers refuse to settle and you must go to trial, we will fight to win your case.

We limit our cases in order to provide specialized attention to our clients. We will not pass your case off to a less experienced staff attorney. We carry the load of your case allowing you to concentrate on recovery from your injuries.

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