Slip and Fall Lawyer

What To Do Now for Negligence

CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY NOW: While you linger in your decision, valuable evidence may be lost. Often times there are video files that may be erased if the business does not hear from us immediately. Similarly, the business may change or repair the obstacle or other thing that caused you injury. You need photos now.

PRESERVE YOUR EVIDENCE: Keep your clothes and shoes that you were wearing at the time.

PHOTOGRAPH YOUR INJURIES: By maintaining a photographic journal of your injuries and the healing process, it will help us tell your story to the jury.span.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Do not post on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or any other social media about your case or your injuries. What you say and write will be used against you.

BEWARE OF INSURANCE ADJUSTORS CALLING: When they call, give them your new best friend’s number, Hall and Taylor. They will record you and use what you say against you. Simply tell them, you are represented and do now wish to speak with them.

NEWSPAPERS AND TV: Do not grant interviews to newspapers or TV stations.