Road Map to Your Case

Step One: Our initial interview with you. We will collect your personal information including your health insurance, the type of injury, place of injury, date of injury, and other pertinent data to help us help you. We may file suit immediately depending upon the circumstances and  the identity of the potential defendants.

Step Two: Your injury may require that we being an immediate investigation by experts such as accident reconstruction experts, black box experts, cause and origin experts and others that we determine are best for your case depending upon the type of your case.

Step Three: We will begin to collect your medical records relative to your injury. This may take days, weeks or months depending upon your recovery and the type of injury that you have suffered.

Step Four: We assimilate the experts needed for your case. Medical negligence cases may take longer than highway accident cases. Product liability cases can take even longer.

Step Five: We begin to place a reasonable value upon your case as the evidence is collected.

Step Six: We make a demand upon the insurance company giving them specific deadlines. If the deadlines are not timely met, we file suit. If a reasonable offer is made, we guide in through the process.

Step Seven: The litigation process begins with formal discovery, depositions, sworn statements and similar evidence gathering techniques. We ask for a trial date.

Step Eight: We prepare and go to trial.