Product Injury

Product Injury: What To Do Now

Mattie Taylor

RESERVE THE PRODUCT THAT CAUSED YOU INJURY: Keep it out of the weather. DO NOT allow anyone to attempt to repair it. DO NOT make any changes to it.

KEEP IT JUST LIKE YOU LEFT IT WHEN YOU WERE INJURED. If there are loose parts, gather them up and preserve them.

PURCHASE RECEIPTS: Keep your proof of purchase.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Take photographs of the product and the scene where you were injured BEFORE anything is allowed to be disturbed.

LABELING, PACKAGING AND OTHER MATERIALS: Keep any and all labels, owner’s manuals and other materials of any kind or nature that was in the original packaging.

ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION: We may send an accident reconstruction expert to the injury scene. This must occur very soon after the injury so as to preserve evidence other valuable clues that will disappear over time.

BEWARE OF INSURANCE CALLING: Insurance companies have been known to “lull” persons into a sense of security that they will “take care of you” all the while allowing this valuable evidence to disappear. They will call you “just to check on you” all the time gathering information they will use against you.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: You need to know how much insurance the other driver had when the wreck occurred. In some states, such as Tennessee and Alabama, they do not have to tell you this information. In Arkansas, they must disclose this information. They will never tell you the amount of their coverage without the assistance of an attorney.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Once the insurance company discovers your identity they will immediately begin to find out everything they can about you using Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram and other popular sites. DO NOT post about your case on these sites.